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Special thanks to

• Our sponsor Clara.net who have been providing us with free space on their server in London since the launch of this project in October 1999.

• Alex Marshall, Christain Delsol and Alvaro Serrano at the United Nations Population Fund for their support and encouragement.

• Sean Roulet who never fails to keep us updated on broken links and provides us with our monthly pie charts.

• Maura Bagnal and Tim Walmsley for keeping us sane and helping us with all the press related matters.

• Tommy Paschoud who patiently put together a full model of the HHP installation. To be used for presentations and sponsor research.

• Jonathan Andrew for sparing time and space in his photography studio in Amsterdam to make some fantastic photographs of the HHP installation model.

• Professor Tom Gabriel from the Sir David Owen Population Centre in Cardiff for his valuable advice and comments on the HHP project

• Tim Shorten for his valuable advice and help on the printing and publishing of the HHP book

• Louise Reohr for her very valuable advice on legal matters

• Alison and Lenard, Tommy and Sally, Ron and Jeanne, Jack Parsons, Mark David, Christophe Moinat, Chris and everyone that has listened and commented so enthusiasticly on the HHP project....