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We need two things to pursue the Youdraw project; financial help and many more drawings. This how you can help...

Help us finance the Youdraw project
Like any project Youdraw costs money, fixed costs like server space, and also developing costs. Planned features are a forum, better moderating tools, maybe a chat space, registration for regular artists (name protection), better child protection, translation, etc.

Two ways to help us finance the Youdraw project
Buying a poster
Making a donation.
Many thanks!

Help us spread the word about YOUDRAW

Tell everyone!
Get your friends, family, colleagues, school, football team, community group, club, etc. to send us a drawing. E-mail them a reminder every once in a while...

Your ISP could list YOUDRAW on their home page
Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) probably has a section listing cool sites... Just send them an e-mail suggesting they list YOUDRAW.

Tell the media...
Do you or do you know anybody that works for the press, the radio, TV or that publishes an e-mail newsletter? The more media coverage YOUDRAW can get, the better. YOUDRAW has a special page with some useful media material here .

Create a links...
If you are a regular visitor to a message board you could create a link to YOUDRAW...
If you have a personal web site why not add a link to YOUDRAW using the banner from the bottom of this page...

Add a YOUDRAW link to your e-mail signature
Most e-mail programs allow you to create an automatic signature that is added to all your outgoing mails. Use a signature similar to the one shown below and help promote YOUDRAW every time you send an e-mail.
Are You in the Book?

If you have another idea about how to let people know about YOUDRAW, let us know at info@youdraw.com. That way we can let others benefit from it too.

Corporate help
Youdraw is an independent initiative supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and is looking for sponsorship and support. A truly international project it has already received drawings from over 150 countries, including the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Nepal and Iran, with the USA, Canada, Brazil and the UK being the most represented nations.

Corporate support
We are looking for partners to handle different parts of the YOUDRAW project like printing, binding, editing, design of bookshelves, PR, legal advice, transport etc. If you feel that your company could use their distinctive skills to contribute to this outstanding project, please contact us to discuss how you would like to contribute to the YOUDRAW project.

Corporate sponsorship
Because of the scale of YOUDRAW and our desire to make it an international event, a considerable amount of money is needed to support and advertise the project world-wide.
We are looking for high profile corporate investors to sponsor us, in return they will get global coverage via the promotion and roll-out of the YOUDRAW project and exhibition.


YOUDRAW banner
If you wish to add a visual link to YOUDRAW on your web site, please feel free to download this banner or logo.