Questions about the YOUDRAW web site

Why can't I get the DrawPad to work on my Mac?
We are having a few problems getting YOUDRAW to work properly with Netscape on Macs. We are working to fix the bug... until then try using Internet Explorer with "apple MRJ" selected in preferences (Java - virtual machine).

Why are the "pens" on the drawpad so big and why is there no colour?

To fit 500,000 drawings into the book and to avoid them looking too rough (jagged edged), they will be reduced to approximately 1.5 cm by 1cm. To help this process the pens have been designed so the lines do not disappear when the drawings are reduced. The book will be printed in black and white, as full colour would be far too expensive.

What do you consider an "unsuitable" drawing?

Drawings are considered unsuitable and removed when we judge they have been posted with the intention to shock others (e.g.: obscene words, racial slurs or sexually explicit drawings). We do not consider simple nudity unsuitable.
We also remove drawings that are not drawings - such as text only or undefined scribbles.

Why is there an "unsuitable" drawing in the recent drawings?

Sorry you were exposed to unsuitable drawings on the YOUDRAW web site. We try to monitor the drawings as much as we can... But some times, some slip through the net. Thousands of drawings are submitted to YOUDRAW every week and unfortunately we are unable to check the site 24 hours a day... You can help us monitor YOUDRAW by telling us about unsuitable drawings here.

How can I find a specific old drawing on YOUDRAW?

If your drawing was done prior to the 15th of September 2000, you can find it by date or by number using the Picture Search page. If your drawing was done after the 15th of September you can also find it by using the search by name or pseudonym function on the Picture Search page.

Can I do more than one drawing?
Yes of course... (but in theory no, because each drawing is meant to represent one person on earth!). But considering the huge number of drawings we need to collect, please go ahead and do as many as you wish (just think of some else when you are doing so) and get as many people as you know to do more than one! We need many... many... many more drawings before we can print the book.

Can I draw something other than a person?
Yes, we consider that drawings, what ever they represents (an animal, an object or a human figure) always carry something of their author. It will always be a representation of you (in a way) because it was done by you ...

Questions about the future of the YOUDRAW project

When is the book going to be published?
We wish we knew... the book will be published when we have a total of 500,000 (usable) drawings and this could take anything from 1 to 5 years... it really depends on how we manage to promote YOUDRAW (if you wish to help us, have a look at the 'Help YOUDRAW' page).

Where will I be able to get the book?

We are planning to make the book available via the internet. Hopefully we will also manage to get it distributed to bookshops around the world.

Will all of the drawings be printed in the book?

We only discard drawings that are:
a) Not drawings - such as text only, trials and undefined scribbles.
b) Indecent drawings (posted with intentions to shock other people).
All other drawings will be published in the YOUDRAW book.

Where will the exhibition be shown?

We don't know yet... we still have a lot of work to do on that front. We are in the process of finding financial and technical support. However, if everything comes together as we hope, we would like to have a travelling exhibition that will show in as many countries as possible.

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