large pen
large eraser
small pen
small eraser
delete all - bin
The tools
Clicking on the round "tool" buttons will select different thickness of pens (dark lines) & erasers (light lines). Clicking on the bin will delete the whole drawing and allow you to start again.

To change pens or erasers in the middle of a drawing, release the mouse button and select the tool you need.

How to draw
Select the tool you want to use for your drawing and move the cursor on to the drawing area. Hold down the mouse button - this will draw. If you release the mouse button, you can move around the window freely without drawing.

Adding a message
You can link a message to your drawing by typing it in the "your message" box . This message will be visible to anyone who clicks on your drawing in the recent drawing page. Messages can also be added later through the recent drawing page.

Name or pseudonym
This allows you to sign your drawing and also will help you find it later using "picture search" on the recent drawings page and navigation bar.