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Louis Paschoud / Peter Holberton
La Placette
1658 Rossinière

For security reasons we can not publish our phone number on the website but if you wish to get in contact with us by phone please send us an e-mail and we will communicate it to you...

About us

Louis Paschoud is a well travelled Swiss born designer and film maker. He came up with the initial idea for the project 3 years ago while living in Lausanne. As originator of YOUDRAW he is responsible the design and logistic aspects of the project. His international view of not only design but the media industry is a guarantee that the YOUDRAW project is in the right hands to become a high-profile and internationally recognised event.

Peter Holberton studied computer science in Sydney and joined the project when it was in its early stages. His programming skills and thorough knowledge of the new media has made the YOUDRAW project into an internet reality.

Founding member

Ally Cane with Louis and Peter was a founding member of Youdraw, she has now retired from the project. Ally's experience in the corporate and design world was a definite asset for the PR, management and design of YOUDRAW. Many thanks for all the great work!