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gosh u r a copy cat!!!! i did this be4 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u make me mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alexa tveita@aol.com - u.s.a. - 11.11.00

I hate when people copy other peoples pictures!!!I have seen this one done before, as the message above states.

love and peace !!!!!!!
kokl; - israel - 04.04.01

Well it can't be an exact replica, so cool it! I happen to like this drawing. And yeah, the idea has been done before. But it's been done way before the existence of youdraw or the internet so none of you are the original creator!!!!! RELAX

I think this original idea was around a long time ago, I don't think any one person really made it up.
Rwelean - USA - 27.09.01

this is a cool pic it s like wourld peace or somthin dats cool!

No, I made it up about 15 years ago.
Chimpanardo DaVinchie - 18.04.02

oh yeah, well i'm god and i made it up before i made you up so neener neener neener
fleabomber - 21.08.02

I wish the whole world was this close.
Sherrell - United States - 31.03.03

Oh my gosh...yo all crack me up when i was reading the message..this drawing to me means "world peace, sharing,love,hope,dreams,this drawing is like the future of the new generations..its about different race , african american,latinos,haspinic,germans,asian,india, native americans,dominician,chinese,korea,russia, all ppl..from the north pole to the south pole..even differnt indian tribes, this drawing about bringing hope to our world..thier already going on so why are we all fighting about some drawing that means peace..lets all love one another..thanks.. by aaron and alicia..dont get mad at us now ok please we love you all thanks
United States - 09.04.03

man i agree i hate copy caters but cool pic. i like but u really copy cated man GOODBYE
Erica Ann - Topeka - 06.06.03


us you forgot the british! /\ /\ O O \____/ WE are evil! but im sure i read somwere ther was 6 billion people now!!!!! this picture only shows 13! unlucky! the first to leave will be the first to die... and where are the poles in that 47 vote picture that 47 vote most likely to ber on the first page usless drawn by a 2 year old picture!!!!!!! and why did they use a black back ground on the site...
a man in a critical condition - 19.06.03

Angry Russians - 26.07.03

Hello! My name is Kortney. I think this is a cool website. Bye. And always know Jesus loves you!

ok.4 the guys that r complaining.u need to grab a drink or sumthing.everyone has drawn a drawing like this from one time to another.people from cavemen to 21st century.jeez...take a break. great pick. :)
wannabee artist - 13.10.03

'I created the phrase "Hello World" and now everyone uses to write their first computer program. Why I'm gonna sue the entire world and if I don't win, well this I guess its "Goodbye World".' After she wrote this the depondent programmer went and poured herself another glass of tea.
Nuraqy - 24.12.03

Correction to previous message: 'I created the phrase "Hello World" and now everyone uses to write their first computer program. Why I'm gonna sue the entire world and if I don't win this suit, well then I guess it's "Goodbye World".' After she wrote this the depondent programmer went and poured herself another glass of tea.
Nuraqy - 24.12.03


Yeah that picture does suck but go too Moonstar on pic search!

,nabewuqfjldsv - gjnhfjghj - 18.01.04

this drawing is a special drwing to me because it is about the world and how much we love the world. that,s why this is a special drawing to me!!!!
Shayla - USA - 18.01.04

I like this drawing (even though I don't what it is about!!!!)

Whi cnt peploe use lngage I understando?
Saddam Hussien - 23.02.04

don't forget to curl your pinkie!
Kayla Brown - America - 25.03.04


guys, this drawing was just created to use on the feedback or whatever page of youdraw by the producers of this website.
coolcatgal - 08.08.04

"Original, creative,and an overall fairly good picture.Originality is very important in drawings"
Tiffy - North America - 29.08.04

Your a good drawer
Maisie Pop - England - 09.10.04

Yes it has been done before but people like 2000BC people could have drawn this so stop saying that they coppied you because you just might have drawn this after them before they heard of YOUDRAW. Everything is drawn atleast once but not exactly the same so they cant be a copycat unless it is your drawing!
made_of_paint - USA - 12.10.04

I have drawn this pic in my scetch book cause It is that good.
Maisie - England - 23.10.04


i dont understand y we r arguining over a stupid (i mean really stupid and ugly)drawing wen ther are wars going on and terrorist planning and all this other stuff that actually matters inlikee this very ugly drawing
lala - 08.01.05

It also suggests we've grown to big for our planet !
Rumsky - 01.03.05

i've never seen such a brilliant rendering of King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table before. Splendid work royal subject.
picturePolice - 10.03.05

scratch that. i just realized i have seen this be for. it's a boticelli fake. seize the artist and go get some rope.
picturePolice - 10.03.05

Haha...omg! So many comments 4 one stupid drawing...Even I used to draw that in grade 8, but it was kinda different...there were 5 kids on top holdin' their hands and they were a different race...And u can't blame other ppl 4 copycatting shit...This pic is just wat all the ppl think about...they think bout world...peace...happiness and stuss...ok i g2g 4 supper...lov ya guys (K) mwaaahxxx
kitten (yana) - Canada!! =) - 10.04.05

* correction - STUFF =)))))))))))
kitten (yana) - 10.04.05

the hand holding should be replaced with gun fighting, it would be more accurate.
sketch guy - 20.04.05

god stupid why did you copy cat people i read your messeges and i know that there not lying to me !!!!!
brittney hernendez - pflugerville - 07.05.05

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all this pic is about is world peace so it doesnt matter who made it up as long as it is good so if u fight about it any more ur a fruitcake.
renae - usa - 10.06.05

nowon wil vote for your pictur copycat
Kyle - USA - 23.06.05

Im not realy one . how oldare you

why is people making a fuss over this ive got ideas off other people okay i didnt copy but just chill out like lol!!! who even drew this picture????
lilwincy@hotmail.co.uk/juremy 25 - wales - 26.07.05

det ser ut som alla hand i hand dansar runt jorden ENADE.
svea20032003@hotmail.com - sverige - 10.08.05

Dear Steven, I saw this cool place where you can draw and they wont ask you qeustions well sometimes and it tells you how to draw well isn't cool and yesterday I drawed this,pencil,octupos,fish,mummy,treasure and a guy riding a car who was not even touching the wheeler and I can send you messages that tell you all about our computer and when your done you dont have to do nothing it just sends the message and goes to your computer now it's cool right I know you are going to say no and shut of the computer without saying good bye thank you for your pacients and have a great day to good at school. Sincerely nels ndzanafegue
nels05 - cameroom - 16.09.05

maisie - 08.10.05

i think this is a great peace of art!
hunny babe - 28.10.05

i have done this so many times in my notebook
the kid - 08.11.05

its ok exept for the people are stickmen and that the idea was copied, other than that its ok, check my pics out and see what you think, my names jamie lau

Please, people...remember what the drawing actually stands for. Unless the author of the drawing can prove without a doubt that his/her drawing was the first one posted onto this site, all of this arguing is pointless anyway, right?
http://www.non-violent.com/ - USA - 31.03.06

omg people just shut up. this picture of world peace will never come true because you all keep fighting about it. ahh.. the irony.. fighting about world peace. it seems as though this person knows nothing about gravity cuz the people on the bottom have their hair going in the wrong direction. lol. why wont anyone vote? why are people saying that they like the pic so much and then they dont even vote for it? whos cares about the picture.. think about the meaning behind it and the message that its sending. its not a negative picture. what did it ever do to u?

EMILY - USA - 01.09.07