This is the place to chat with the artist about their art or any other subject. Some things can only be said with words...
Please tell us here (including the drawing number) if you find a message left in your name that was not written by you
Look here. Shut your eyes...Let yourself go. Don't let other things stop you from focusing. What do you see? Take your time and think about it,then, we will discuss it and the feeling that your visual gives you. Remember to only listen to your breathing. This helps you feel relaxed and less stressed. Stay calm,even if you are being bothered. If you focus,you will be less tense and won't get as stressed. Stay still so your blood can gracefully flow inside your body. Patience is key,and try to elimonate the background noises as this could increase your stress level and bring up your bloodpreasure. Imagine an ocean in your mind,peaceful,soothing,breathtaking,and ant other word you can think of. Just stay at ease
Aislinn - 28.04.12