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Dear YouDraw friends, Great to see so many familiar names here still. I have been gone for a long time as this was one of the worst yrs of my life but things are improving slightly now so hope to be back when I can. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. I apologise for the bad draw but my tablet is not working with Windows 7 (installed on my new laptop which is my only computer now) and I have no clue how to fix it. Anyhow, miss you all. Love, Gerbear xoxxo
gerbear - 14.12.11

happy holidays gerry!
cmb - 15.12.11

Have a great 2012.
TLWOODIE - 15.12.11

*HUGS*...and season's Greetings to you old friend *smile* ("old" as in know you for a long time
*cassandra* - 16.12.11

It is very nice to see you! It's nice to see this group gathered here in the comments. A small reunion of sorts. I don't get here very often, but I miss it very much.
Lamb - 17.12.11

Great to see everyone. Always amazes me even after all these yrs, how much can be done in that lil box!
love, Gerry - 17.12.11

happy holidays!
Alter.Native - 21.12.11