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Hi ya'll! didn't realize there was a facebook page and that YD was getting so close to the magic number!! Time to throw down some more drawings i think.
gerbear - 09.04.10

hello ole friend nice eyes
populat - 09.04.10

i've been browsing the latest draws for the first time in a long while. I like this draw gerbear. She seems happy.
Brodon - 09.04.10


*hugs* gerrybear ..dear old YD friend. (and hello Brodon..I hope the fish are leaping *smile*). I was just thinking about old friend sweet gerry. Isn't it amazing.I stumbled on this site in 2002 and didn't draw till 2003 and although I haven't drawn in a while all the souls you meet here somehow stay with you .I hope your dreams are flourishing like a bed of roses !
*cassandra* - 14.04.10