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i hate you talkin' to myself everybody's starin' at me. (FNM)
-A - 13.07.08

a great draw, -A. :)
Suntan - 14.07.08

Lol that's rich. I LUV DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!! sry......
pokkadotgirl223! - 19.07.08

ah, great emaciated look..yesyes..RV lyrics fallin' on 'deaf' mouse ears ;)..good social commentary in this one, monsieur.
Alter.Native - 23.07.08

thanks madame. and suntan and pokkadotgirl. you may luv disneyland as much as you want, we live on a (mostly) free ball called planet.
-A - 03.08.08

haha - great!
franny - 13.08.10