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iīll be waiting (lenny k.)
-A - 28.12.07

WOW this drawing is good!
Liv - 28.12.07

Superb work!
Cookster - USA - 28.12.07

-A I deleted the rude comment, which meant I then had to delete the following ones or they would have been out of context, apologies for the delay in getting to this.
Moderator. - 29.12.07

thanks for your concern but the deletion wasnīt necessary because it sounded pretty much ironic/sacarstic, which iīm very familiar with. and even more so when the comment of mine, and of another drawer, are deleted too. to those who couldnīt care less, again: this is a draw of a girl i know, whose charisma and beauty i havenīt done justice at all. — maybe the head is floating, maybe sheīs just buried to the neck in sand, maybe i just have finished it. no one knows. use your illusion.
-A - 29.12.07

(thanks peeps.)

Beautiful drawing -A and glad to see you again. Happy New Year!
gerbear - 30.12.07

very nice...
ferdi - 30.12.07

looks both innocent and devilish..yes! most of all i like her half formed smile.
Alter.Native - 11.01.08