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"staring at the sun"
britt*a - 05.01.07

*Helloooo britt*a!! Don't stare too long or you won't be able to draw more! hehe...nice to see your return & thank you for all your very nice comments you leave behind for me ;-)*
*A* - 05.01.07

cool draw
Piastol - 05.01.07

nice draw,britt*a : )
awwad - 05.01.07

hello, b* ...don't see you here often enough these draw
zoomer - 05.01.07

"Dancing with stars in my eyes, 'cause the boy in my arms isn't you." Quite old and romantic song. I like the girl in this draw --- does it mean we will be treated to new characters with large luminous eyes? Voted.
katz - 10.01.07

Oh, my goodness, how did I make such an error on the words of the song? I meant "Dancing with TEARS in my eyes." Now, that makes sense. Right? Katz
katz - 12.01.07

really wonderful to find you here...I'm only sorry this comment is so late. You really have a special talent b* and I hope the world around you lets it grow. ( *hug* )
*cassandra* - 30.06.07