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Nice draw. He Looks like Edward Scisorhands
Lily 2006 - 28.08.06

Hey Britt*a? Have you been waiting for me to comment on this draw? I hope so. In my opinion this seems to be of the fairer sex. Caught between generations. It was too early to strut her stuff when she was younger. Women were on the threshold of job independence -- so, she remained at home and raised the clan. And it shows. She's unkempt, gaunt, straggled of the hair, weary looking, disappointed and doesn't seem to give a darn. She says, "Were I to return in the future -- it would be a different story, you betcha!" Voted. P.S. I'd love to hear from you -- maybe put a note on one of my draws?
katz - 06.10.06

Awesome, britt*a!
Piastol - 30.11.06