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over the river and through the woods...
tamsen - 20.02.06

hey there.. I see you make lovely pics with lots of patience.. would you be interested in helping me`? I need a fast raw critic to one of my pics I'm doing..
V - 20.02.06

thanks v - i usually don't have this type of patience! my whole arm hurts! If you are "v" of the "v" gallery... I have always admired your style and quick but intense draws...
tamsen - 20.02.06

very good indeed
chris beckett - uk - 20.02.06

love it..
nikki mk - 20.02.06

Very good draw! superb texture..
Joy cee - 20.02.06

tamsen! So good to see you. This draw is completely amazing! Every time I look at it I see something different. Hope things are going well there.
gerbear hug - 20.02.06

franny - 20.02.06

utterly splendid
albion - 20.02.06

wow, thanks to all of you...
tamsen - 20.02.06

A standing ovation is coming to you!!
Magic mushroom - 20.02.06

awesome draw... does me think at the Tolkien books. briljant draw...
ferdi - 23.05.06