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*Would you catch me if I fall out of what I fell in...don't be surprised if I collapse down at your feet again...I don't want to run away from this...I know that I just don't need this...cause I'm waiting for tonight...been waiting for tomorrow...I'm somewhere in between...what is Real just a Dream...(Lifehouse)*
*A* - 28.11.05

lovely *A*! looks like we were on the same artistic
Missdj - 28.11.05

"Beautiful"!! Love those big eyes!!!

very nice draw
awwad - 28.11.05

ferdi - 28.11.05

gorgeous as ever
chugs - 28.11.05

lovely girl,draw,and lyrics.(You bet I voted.)
Michael Everett - 28.11.05

this art work is so good i like it i hope to git as good as you.
victoria - tucson - 28.11.05

*Thank you everyone very much!!*
*A* - 29.11.05