william william


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All i can do is watch the candle flicker! my love much deeper than the earths core, ill wait untill my love returns once more......

so beautiful WW (I have to go away for about 12 days tomorrow so I've dropped in to give you a *hug*...I can't wait to see your gallery when I return *smile*..)
*cassandra* - 19.09.05

amazing will will... great work as always :)
Lane - 19.09.05

Excellent! very impressive!
Joy cee - 20.09.05

O my gosh joy cee "laughs" thanks alot (:o)

you kill that flame,you got burned, you burned me and destroy me ,now not even ashes remain,but always is another candle that you can light and new light and fire come to your heart and soul,I am a poet too,:)meecuepa