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great drawing! he looks really serious!
cmb - 22.02.05

You truly captured the intesity and the spirit!(Beautiful draw.Voted)
Michael Everett - 22.02.05

he's deciding what to do about that ferocious lion next to him! hehe
tams - 22.02.05

tams - 22.02.05

incredible beautiful. you've nailed it totally.
albion - 22.02.05

Breathtaking, tams! :)
lorhen - 23.02.05

wonderful drawing!
USA - 23.02.05

excellent draw...
nikki mk - 23.02.05

ditto to what everyone else said! LOL this is incredibly life like! great job :)
colin - 23.02.05

you got that raptor look ... very intense!
AE.M - 23.02.05

wow, thanks everybody, went out for a while, and came back to all these great comments... how nice (: thanks...
tams - 23.02.05

this is exceptional!
Missdj - 23.02.05

Wonderful pic and look
GabyM - 27.03.05