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One in 6 billion... so what?

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we do not believe the book will ever happen that would be a great undertaking and i am sure it has taken much longer(to collect the drawings) than the youdraw team first envisioned.
Friday Jun 7 2013 at 22:38:05 (GMT)

..still drawing! :)
Suntan - Thursday Jun 6 2013 at 20:34:30 (GMT)

Yes there are other games and art sites but this is a project and artists can get their work published from this site.....
cmb - Monday Jun 3 2013 at 9:28:18 (GMT)

there are games, now on the internet that we can do, when this was started the internet was some what still being discovered.
Tuesday May 28 2013 at 14:06:42 (GMT)

PLEASE CONTINUE TO DRAW! Over the years I would estimate that the mods have deleted thousands of unsuitable draws including dots,dashes, text, obscenity and one unfortunate summer over 600 games of tic-tac-toe etc etc However the numbers in the system do not adjust when a draw is removed .This is so that people can search for a draw by number. Given these facts it is highly likely we have not reached the target of draws we need by a looooooong way :)
MODERATOR - Tuesday May 28 2013 at 3:23:43 (GMT)

I guess its because they said they were collecting 500000 drawings so people stopped when that number was reached- but its 500000 USEABLE drawings so i think we should carry on drawing......
cmb - Tuesday May 21 2013 at 21:21:36 (GMT)

Wow, have things slowed down? Feedback on May 17, then April and then December 2012. Is youdraw coming to an end date? I returned for a visit, expecting maybe 600,000 drawings, but there are nowhere near that number. Has everyone moved on? Please explain.
larry a. - Sunday May 19 2013 at 23:28:48 (GMT)

There is someone spamming drawings and putting foul comments on regular artists work so I have blocked comments on those drawings.
Moderator - Friday May 17 2013 at 1:30:12 (GMT)

yes- keeping an eye on it.
Moderator - Saturday Apr 27 2013 at 23:21:51 (GMT)

From one Mod to the others :-there is a bit of spam about. Just letting you know :)
moderator - Saturday Apr 27 2013 at 10:08:31 (GMT)