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One in 6 billion... so what?

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get mary jane to ask brian
Sunday Jul 27 2014 at 18:33:59 (GMT)

My java keeps threatening to block Youdraw, I have almost downloaded the latest version but it says its is a danger? What can I do?
cmb - Sunday Jul 27 2014 at 1:52:27 (GMT)

thank you for the information but i think i deleted java so i do not have java
Saturday Jul 19 2014 at 20:17:33 (GMT)

a friend sent me this email which helped me sort out my Java and drawing here: I'll assume the upgrade was to the most recent version of Java. If not, these instructions might not work. I don't know what operating system you have, but in most versions of Windows, you should be able to open the control panel and find the "Java" option. Open that, then click the "Security" tab. Click "Edit Site List..", and add http://youdraw.com and http://www.youdraw.com to the list. When you open the drawpad you'll get a security warning, but if you click Run you'll be able to draw.
cmb - Saturday Jul 19 2014 at 0:35:42 (GMT)

Cannot draw here because of java but wanted to pass along the passing of a very unique person from Mississippi Paul McLeod the owner and operator of Graceland Too in Holly springs Ms. He Loved Elvis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLg9lYbnH0c
Friday Jul 18 2014 at 15:15:06 (GMT)

Hi, just came across drawastickman,com. We're based in Hong Kong & are launching a drawing competition with Beard Head at:. http://www.giftsandcoupons.com/competition Could you help promote this competition in exchange for a mention on the competition page? We're trying to build momentum & buzz at the moment so we'd love to hear from you with your ideas. Cheers, Giles Dawe // GiftsandCoupons.com
email@giftsandcoupons.com HK - Saturday Jun 14 2014 at 16:46:17 (GMT)

you can share if you join the youdraw group on facebook
Sunday May 25 2014 at 18:46:11 (GMT)

That's a good idea
Nicole Nadeau - Saturday May 24 2014 at 1:51:00 (GMT)

LOL or even a share BUTTON RJH
Thursday May 22 2014 at 15:20:13 (GMT)

hi mods I am spreading the word via pinterst is it possible to set up a share buttom RJH
Sunday May 18 2014 at 20:43:17 (GMT)